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Kauai Massage Therapist- Larry Hunt
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Massage Kauai

Planning a Kauai Vacation? You can schedule your massages before you come to Kauai. I bring my massage table to your Kauai hotel, Kauai vacation rental, or B&B.
I serve the entire island of Kauai.

Most massages I've received have been either too light (boring), or too deep (ouch). My specialty is getting in deep, to the threshold of pain without crossing it.(I do make exceptions for those that are not happy unless it hurts.)
I believe that a massage should not only be pleasure but it should have a lasting effect. That's why its called massage therapy

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Scroll down to read a little about some of the techniques I use.

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SWEDISH ESALEN Massage is a style of massage for those that just want to relax and leave their stress behind. Feel free to fall asleep or more accurately, go into a trance. Long, slow, soothing strokes. This is the type of massage that most therapists use.

RUSSIAN MASSAGE is my favorite. Most people have never heard of Russian Massage but almost all my clients prefer it once they've experienced it. It is much more vigorous and stimulating than the Swedish Esalen. It really gets the pathways open and the fluids flowing. Not only does it feel great but it as extremely therapeutic massage.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE is stretching the facia, or connective tissue that surrounds each muscle cell and also forms the tendons. Before doing deep tissue massage, first another technique must be used to relax the muscles. Swedish Esalen massage may be used but I prefer to use the Russian massage to prepare the tissue. I have honestly found very few massage therapists that can do real deep tissue massage without hurting. By listening to your body with my fingers and elbows and not going any deeper or faster than your body allows, deep tissue massage can be an extremely intense pleasure and relief. Your muscles will become longer, giving you a wider range of motion, and your body will become more efficient because the muscles are no longer working against each other. Usually you will notice an immediately improved posture. Many of your aches that you have accepted and lived with for a long time will be gone because their cause is no longer there.

SHIATSU Massage is a Japanese style of acupressure that follows certain lines or "meridians" of the body. It's one of those things that western science can't really explain but we know from experience that it works! The Japanese usually request Shiatsu Massage. I was taught, and I am of the opinion that the pressure should only go to the point of pain and not beyond. But the Japanese usually are not satisfied unless it hurts. Be sure to let me know what you prefer.

SPORTS MASSAGE concentrates on the specific muscles used in a particular sport. Pre - event massage is usually frictions on the tendons to warm them up to help prevent injury and compressions done on the muscle belly to open capillaries and increase blood flow. It also wakes up the nerves reducing reflex time to increase the athlete's performance. If you are coming to Kauai to participate in a marathon, golf tournament, or other sporting event, this type of massage would be good for you immediately before the event.