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I charge $95.00 for an hour long Kauai massage. $135.00 for a 90 minute Kauai massage.
There is no additional outcall fee for driving to your Kauai hotel or Kauai vacation rental for your Kauai massage.

Some examples of what you would pay for a Kauai massage at some of the Kauai hotels:
Kauai Hyatt: starting at $199.68 per hour for a Kauai massage!! (this is after you factor in the fact that their hour Kauai massage is only a 50 minute massage. plus they add on state of Hawaii excise tax, where my price includes the tax.)
Kauai Marriott: $150 per hour for a Kauai massage!
And these rates are for a Kauai massage in their spa, not the comfort and convenience of your room.
Yes, if you are staying at the Kauai Marriott or Kauai Hyatt, you can still have me come to your room for comfortable and convenient, private, Kauai Massage.