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About Me

The state of Hawaii requires 570 hours of training to become licensed by the dept. of commerce and consumer affairs.

State of Hawaii license #MAT 4830

I studied at the Aloha Kauai Massage Workshop and trained under Devaki and Kevin Holman. I learned many modalaties including Swedish Esalen, Sports massage, Shiatsu, Russian, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I'm also certified in Shiatsu by Sensei Virginia Dunas of The Kauai Academy of the Healing Arts

My Philosophy

Almost everyone says that I'm one of the best. Maybe I've got some magic touch, maybe I don't. I don't do "energy" work. I do real physical massage for real physical results. I've studied anatomy and kinesiology and have pretty good understanding of the muscular-skeletal system. Maybe I've got some kind of "gift" but I like to think more that I've got knowledge and technique. I wont stand over you waving my arms fluffing your aura or calling upon the spirits to guide me. If thats what your looking for there are plenty of others on Kauai that claim to do "energy" work. If you are looking for a real massage where you know you are being massaged then I'm the guy.

My Associates

If there are several people in your party, I've got stamina and can work for hours, but if there is a time restraint and you want me to bring one or more therapists, I know many other good therapists. Give me a little advance notice and I can line them up.

I worked for a couple of years at the Kauai Marriott. It was a great learning experience. I probably worked on close to a thousand different bodies a year. All different body types from professional athletes with near perfect bodies to unfortunates with broken backs, broken necks and terminal cancer patients. Each body requiring a different massage. One thing I was told over and over by the other therapists I worked with was that I was working too hard. People don't really expect a great massage. They're happy with a mediocre massage. And whatever you do, don't work up a sweat.
I'm sorry but I just couldn't do it. As long as I'm there massaging someone, I'm going to give them the best massage that I can. And I'm sorry if my shirt gets a little wet from sweat, but massaging is hard work.
Many people want to know what famous people have I worked on. Not that it really makes a difference. But the only famous people I'm aware of working on are Mike Singeltary, the great NFL linebacker from the Superbowl winning Chicago Bears, and Brook Burns star of Baywatch Hawaii and Dog eat Dog.